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Our Story

It all started in the modest kitchen of Abundia del Puerto Vda. De Raakin, popularly known as “Abon” to her closely knit family. She hails from Cagayan de Oro City. With just 6 cans of condensed milk, cooked in slow fire and stirred continuously comes a creamy delight called “pastillas de leche”. This was way back in the 1950’s. Abon by then, was a young widow who has to raise 6 children on her own. She sold these neatly and beautifully wrapped sweets to employees of government offices on foot. She diligently went from one office to another, often tagging along her grandson Roberto. One day, a very close friend of Abon, suggested to add durian as flavoring since Davao is where this king of the fruits grow abundantly. She heeded to the suggestion, and so was born the “durian yema”, intricately wrapped in immaculately white “papel de hapon”.Abon and her daughter Melor were such a good tandem. They got along very well and strived so hard to maintain quality, improve packaging and establish a solid footing in the market. With Melor’s business acumen, she applied for and was granted registration with the then Bureau of Commerce and Industry, under the name of “Lola Abon’s Durian Candies”, in honor of her beloved mother. She also had it registered with the National Cottage Industries and Development Authority or NACIDA. When Lola Abon died in November 1967, her daughter Melor took the baton of continuing the business and was able to further her market share not only in Davao but in other parts of the country as well. At this time, the durian candies come in different sizes and shapes namely: cubes, sticks and bars. Unfortunately, in 1990, Melor was no longer healthy enough to handle the challenges of running the business beset with financial difficulties, so she planned to sell it. All her children disapproved of this plan, especially her eldest son Roberto, who was then working in a private company. He infused a fresh capital of 25,000.00 pesos and asked his younger sister Dolores to manage it. In a year’s time, all the debts have been paid off and Lola Abon’s was on its way to regain its former position in the durian candies industry. In 2000, Lola Abon’s was incorporated, with Melor, her husband Mamerto Sr. and their children Roberto, Eduardo, Mamerto Jr., Rodolfo, Dolores and Ana Liza as incorporators. This paved the way to a stronger, goal-directed and more successful business legacy that came from humble beginnings. It has received various citations and awards like the Gawad Negosyanteng Pinoy in 1999 (presented by GMA 7). Most Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) 2005 presented by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. and Most Outstanding SME Graduate in 2005 awarded by the Department of Trade and Industry- National Office. At present, Lola Abon’s is by all means, the leader and most popular durian candy manufacturer in the whole country.

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Our Product Line Available for Orders

Durian Pineapple Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Mango Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Buko Pandan Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Choco Durian Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Delight Small 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Delight Big 36pcs (210g)
₱ 130.00
Langka Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Macaroons 8pcs (100g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Tart 5pcs (80g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Queso 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Queso Big 36pcs (210g)
₱ 130.00
Mangosteen Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00
Durian Polvoron Barquillos 6pcs
₱ 50.00
Durian Cubes 25pcs
₱ 40.00
Durian Coffee Yema 12pcs (60g)
₱ 50.00 each
Mangosteen Cubes 25pcs
₱ 40.00 each
Mangosteen Piaya
₱ 100.00 each
Durian Piaya
₱ 100.00
Durian Ice Candy
₱ 10.00 each
Durian Bar (Long)
₱ 40.00
Langka Bar (Long)
Durian Ice Cream Cup
₱ 40.00
Durian Preserved Small 430g
₱ 180.00
Durian Ice Cream 1/2 Gallon
₱ 600.00
Durian Preserved Big 630g
₱ 230.00
Durian Ice Cream 1 Gallon
₱ 900.00 each

We Ship to Manila via Airspeed

Shipping Rates

Small up to 2 Kilos – ₱ 685.00
Medium up to 3 Kilos – ₱ 695.00
Large up to 6 Kilos – ₱ 915.00
XXL up to 11 Kilos – ₱ 1,055.00